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Q: What is CMC technology?
A: Continuous Microbial Control. CMC continuously disinfects (while patients, staff and visitors are present) by producing 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas from oxygen and water vapor in the air. 
Q: Is hydrogen peroxide (H202) gas dangerous?
A: H202 gas is harmless at the level that our units produce it (.02ppm). Our process is different from the aqueous vaporized process, which can be harmful.  The aqueous vaporized process takes liquid hydrogen peroxide and vaporizes it into the air.  This results in hydrogen peroxide levels over OSHA limits for occupied areas.
Q: Are the units safe to put in a room where people live/spend much of their time in?
A: Absolutely! The units are all approved for use in rooms where people or pets spend most or all of their time.  0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas is just one fiftieth of the amount that OSHA tells us is safe throughout a standard workday.
Q: Do your products emit ozone?
A: Yes and No.  We have products that emit ozone - on purpose - and we also have products that do not emit ozone (California and Canada compliant).
Q: What are the advantages of using our products?
A: Through the use of a gaseous hydrogen peroxide disinfection process, CMC provides aggressive infection control to combat various types of contamination. This provides your facility with lower cost of illness prevention and sanitization, reduction of cross-contamination, less employee absenteeism, 24 hour protection and better indoor air quality for workers and clients.
Q: Do the units create a smell?
A: It is odorless.  At 0.02 ppm, hydrogen peroxide gas is undetectable by the human nose.
Q: Do you have proof?
A: Yes! CMC systems have been in the field for years.  They have been used in catastrophic events such as hurricane Rita, Ike and Katrina.  In all cases, the systems were successful in the stabilization and remediation cleanup of the buildings.
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